Final Project PowerPoint

My Final Project is complete! Here is the PowerPoint presentation that I constructed for my project. It includes a unit concept map as well as a section for each lesson.

Frank Ticheli Unit PP


Link to Taskstream Unit



Here is a collection of a few really cool apps that I found! These apps would be really helpful in a classroom setting and may be useful to you!


1. Avid Scorch – allows you to save and read music from your iPad. You can buy music, play it back, makes changes, and even store it in an in-app library. cost – $2.49


2. Ear Trainer – an educational tool designed for musicians, music students and anyone interested in improving ones musical ear. It is filled with over 230 individual exercises covering intervals, chords, scales, relative pitch and melody. It has a playable keyboard with studio sound quality and a note view for superior visualization. cost – $6.99


3. DM1 – The Drum Machine – allows you to create rhythms and backbeats. You can use it for fun or even to help you in private practice to give yourself a cool background beat to play along with you etudes. cost – $4.99

MuseScore is Awesome!

MuseScore is a free music notaion software that is very easy to use and very user friendly. If you have experience working with Finale or Sibelius than you can easily navigate and quickly learn MuseScore. Check out this example that I made in no time at all to go with my Frank Ticheli unit.

Amazing Grace

Lesson 2: Nitro

The second lesson of my Ticheli Unit will mostly cover Nitro. It will also cover an overview of rhythm and dynamics. The students will then relate rhythm and dynamics to Ticheli’s Nitro. Here are some sites that I think will help me with my final project.

Rhythm Information – this is a link that has a lot of information on how to teach rhythms and even some fun exercises and activities.

Dynamics – this is a link to a website that covers how to teach dynamics. Includes lesson activities and a cool chart for correct pronunciation of the dynamic levels.


Here is a youtube video of Nitro. It is definitly one of Ticheli’s more rhythmic pieces.



Link to Taskstream Lesson

Lesson 1: Amazing Grace

The first lesson of my Ticheli Unit will mostly cover Amazing Grace. It will also cover a short introduction and bio of Frank Ticheli as well as an overview of melody and timbre. The students will then relate melody and timbre to Ticheli’s Amazing Grace. Here are some sites that I think will help me with my final project.

Frank Ticheli: Biography – A link with some biographical information on Frank Ticheli.

Melody Exercise Examples – A link to melody exercises. Although originally directed for younger children, I could adapt some of these for older students.

Timbre Activities – A link to some timbre activities. Like the link above it is originally for a younger age group but can be modified.

Music Classroom Activities  – A link that covers various musical elements including melody and timbre. Also gives some example activities.

History of Amazing Grace  – A link that gives a little background of the history of the song.

Virtual Piano – for students to practice playing a familiar melody like Amazing Grace. Also has options for different voices so students can experience different timbres as well.


Amazing Grace is such a beatiful piece of music. Frank Ticheli’s arrangement of the piece is no exception.


Link to Taskstream Lesson 

Final Project – Day 1

Final Project Front Slide

Today I have officially started on my final project. I chose to go with Frank Ticheli as my project topic. The main reason I finally settled on Ticheli is because I think this topic may be helpful to me in my internship. He writes very good band music and a lot of it is even accessible to middle and high school aged students. 

Lesson 1 will be over Amazing Grace. This is a slow, pretty song and the lesson will focus on melody and timbre.

Lesson 2 will be over Nitro. This song is very fast and rhythmic. This lesson will focus on rhythm and dynamics.

Lesson 3 will cover other works by Ticheli, including some choral and orchestral works as well.

With this unit I hope to give a students a broader understanding of music. To see how one composer can write in many different styles. I also hope to peak the interest of my students in different composers. If I teach them about this one composer, maybe they will want to research more on another composer whose music they like. Once their curiosity is peaked they will only grow in their appreciation for music.

Link to Taskstream Unit

Final Project Ideas

Today we must start working on our final projects. There are so many different things I have thought about and could choose but I have narrowed it down to three so far.

The first is Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Tuba Concerto. This piece is a staple in the tuba literature and is one of the pieces I will be performing on my senior recital. For this unit I would do a lesson on Vaughan Williams himself, a second unit on the Concerto, the form and how each movement differs, and a third lesson would be over different activities and stuff.

My second idea was to do Frank Ticheli. He is a phenomenal present day composer who writes for all different difficulty groups. For this unit I would compare and contrast two pieces very well and then briefly cover other works.

My final idea is to do a unit on Service Bands. I have some experience in this area, having just joined the 106th Army Band, based in Little Rock, AR. Here I would probably do a lesson for three of the major branches:  Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Today I learned about a great website! is a site that allows you to compose scores online. One thing that is so great about Noteflight is that it saves all your work on the website. You don’t have to download anything to your computer and you can use it on any computer that you are on. The best part is is free! I see Noteflight as a good resource for my students to use. They can learn about composition and practice creating their own melodies. They can also use it to accompany them as they play along with a solo. Here is a link to my first Noteflight creation, Meet in the Middle:

Meet in the Middle - Noteflight